Voterheads Professional Subscription - Professional Level Monitoring of Local Government Activities

How much money are you leaving on the table by not harvesting local agendas?


Voterheads not only helps citizens stay connected but businesses and nonprofits, as well. Our unique local government intelligence platform monitors over 1500 Cities, Counties, and School Boards, delivering customized and consolidated reports when you need them. We are the only company that monitors local government at this granular a level.


Maximize your public policy dollar at the local level


Save time keeping tabs on local government activity


Be more effective at the local level with less time.


Don’t miss out on local legislation that impacts your bottom line

How it works

Our unique algorithm finds and sifts through city, county, and school board agenda items, parses and stores this big data and awaits the opportunity to share it with you in three easy steps.


Choose Key Topics

Council talks about a lot of things. Search through and select from over 300 categories of interest and tell us what's important to you. We'll filter out the noise so you know when it matters.


Select Your GEMs

Monitor your GEMs (Government Entities Monitored – Any County, City or Schoolboard) where you live as well as the one where you work. Own a business or part of an organization? Monitor issues important to them across the state or across the country.


Get Detailed Reports

Every Sunday we'll let you know what meetings have been scheduled and if they're planning to vote on something that matches your passions.

Features You'll Crave

Everything you've been looking for to enhance your governmental outreach and relations in one package

Unlimited Reporting

Explore trends in your areas of interest across time

Custom Alert Scheduling

Get alerts delivered to your Inbox monthly, daily, or anywhere in between

Multiple Users

Any users that need to be alerted within your organization can have their own access and custom alerts.

API Access

Integrate the alerts with your internal CRM or ERP system to automate processes

Take A Quick Tour

Get a quick picture of how companies, organizations, and citizens alike use our system.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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Before Voterheads ... we were blind to some ordinances until the very last minute. ... With Voterheads, the additional time that we have to react is invaluable. It’s the difference between months and hours

Ted C.

Before Voterheads, I had to check city and county websites myself, and rely heavily on Google Alerts. That was very time-consuming and Alerts came individually, instead of in a centralized report. With Voterheads, I can react much more quickly.

David B.


Monitoring starts at $2.48/m per GEM, with volume and non-profit discounts available.

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